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Polanica is a spa resort situated at a height of 380-410 m above sea level in the picturesque Bystrzyca Dusznicka river valley. The central part
of the resort is the Spa Park with Pump Room, Centre of Natural Medicine, Spa Theatre and Concert Hall. In the summer season in the Spa Park striking displays of the colourful fountain are held. In the part of the town located outside of the park, along the river, a promenade is stretched,
this lined with numerous cafés, restaurants and shops. The layout
of the resort is characterised by the significant share of areas of greenery (forests, gardens and parks) in the overall town area, this being close
to the idea of the garden city that arose at the end of the 19th century
in England.



The mineral water springs in Polanica became famous in the 16th century
at the time that they began to be used by the Jesuit Order. In 1828,
the Kłodzko merchant Józef Gromls became owner of the resort and began development of the springs, building the first pump room as well as wooden baths. Further expansion came about through the takeover of the resort
by the Polanica Health Resort Administration (“Zarząd Uzdrowiska Polanica“), a company which in 1906 constructed the Spa House and laid out the electrically-lit Spa Park. By 1910, 50 new pensions had been built
in Polanica; to this day they are the pride of the resort and produce
its unique character. In the interwar period Polanica was already a health resort well-known across Europe and it has remained so ever since.

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  • A panorama of Polanica on an old postcard
  • The Spa Park on an old postcard